How To Find The Best Vitamin D For Infants Online

This quick read will show you how important is Vitamin D for your baby and how you can find the best options online.

How To Find The Best Vitamin D For Infants Online
Best Vitamin D for Infants

If you're a parent, chances are you've been asked this question before. And if you're like most parents, you probably don't have a clue what the answer is. We're certainly not doctors, but we have done some research on the subject. Here's what we've found.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus. It is often referred to as the "sunshine vitamin" because our bodies produce it in response to exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D is important for strong bones and teeth, as well as for proper immune function and cell growth.

Most babies ingest enough vitamin D through breast milk or formula to meet their needs. However, some babies may need additional vitamin D if they are not getting enough sunlight exposure or if they have certain medical conditions that make it difficult for their bodies to absorb vitamin D from food. Many pediatricians recommend giving all breastfed infants a daily supplement of 400 IU of vitamin D beginning in the first few days after birth.

What is your baby's pediatrician recommending you?

In case you have decided to give the sunshine vitamin to your little one. You must know that there are two main ways to give it to your baby: through drops or through fortified foods.

The #1 and Best Vitamin D Drops for Baby On Amazon
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Vitamin D drops are available over the counter and do not require a prescription. These drops can be added to your baby's bottles of breast milk or formula. Fortified foods such as infant cereals, cow's milk, and soy milk can also provide your baby with the vitamin D he or she needs.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for babies, but unfortunately they're at a higher risk for deficiency because they can't produce as much from sun exposure as adults can. Additionally, breastmilk doesn't contain enough vitamin D to meet a baby's needs. The good news is that giving your baby vitamin D drops is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure they're getting enough of this important nutrient! Most babies will need between 400 and 1,000 IU of vitamin D daily, so be sure to give them two to four drops per day depending on their weight and how much sun exposure they're getting.

If you're concerned about how much vitamin D your baby is getting, ask your pediatrician to test their blood levels.

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